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In the ever-shifting landscape of startups, where motivation often outpaces experience, Stephan emerges as a beacon of wisdom and leadership.

Having worked as an electrician for decades, he is the personification of work experience and know-how.

Yet, Stephan's youthful heart beats in the rhythm of our startup culture. As we navigate the uncertainties of startup life, Stephan's guidance leads us forward with confidence.


Even when chaos breaks out all around, Stephan's approach is always as deliberate as it is insightful. He listens intently, considers each perspective with care, and offers solutions that blend practicality with innovation. His grounded energy is complemented by his ability to see both the bigger picture and the intricate details. A prime example is his first official act at Sonocrete: disconnecting a cable he classified as too dangerous—a cable he spotted out of hundreds of others.


They say, "mistakes have to be made," but learning from others is definitely the quicker way. Stephan has prevented us from making rookie mistakes several times while building our first systems. Many seemingly insignificant tasks, like proper labeling of even the smallest of cables—which seemed a nuisance at the time—saved us time and a lot of nerves going forward.


As we chart new territories and challenge the status quo, we are grateful to have Stephan as our steadfast guide, illuminating the way with his knowledge and youthful spirit.