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Of all people at Sonocrete, Steffi is the one who keeps surprising us with the many things she is able to do.

Starting as a student worker for mold cleaning, she later delivered an excellent master thesis on business process management at Sonocrete for her industrial engineering degree. Five days after we hired her for marketing and quality management, we desperately needed someone who can drive a car with a trailer - and guess what: Steffi holds exactly that license.

Now she is responsible for making Sonocrete known. Steffi writes copy, takes pictures, organises events and finds new and interesting angles to talk about Sonocrete. But her stamina also allows her to crank out 30 standard operating procedures in a week, if necessary.

An East Frisian by origin, Steffi is a global citizen by heart. Having lived in Canada and Australia for years, she is very much looking forward to launching our international early access program.