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Every boat needs a captain to not get lost at sea. A leader who can direct the course.

Not everyone is made to be a leader. Certain qualities are required – the ability to connect and collaborate, clear communication, passion, an optimistic vision… just to name a few.

Our CEO Ricardo brings all that to the table, and on top of that offers a big portion of humour.
The Co-founder of Sonocrete is, apart from our high-power ultrasound system, our greatest power. His visions and dedication inspire everyone around him.

Starting as a brick layer apprentice he worked his way up. After his apprenticeship he studied civil engineering and recently submitted his doctoral dissertation on ultrasound in concrete production. Along the way he got to know the construction industry and everything to do with concrete by heart.

During his journey he learned to not give up when challenges arise and to continuously practice self-reflection. Even all the challenges of starting his own company hasn’t discouraged him, never losing his goal out of site - to offer a real solution to a burning problem.

He often prides himself of “handpicking” our team. And might we say he did very well! Exciting times are ahead and we’re grateful for having Ricardo leading the way.