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Everyone knows it: Starting on white paper is hard.

And listening to your co-workers ideas of how a new system should look like is often just as hard: “oh it should be able to manage the daily workload of an industrial plant but still fit on a truck? Yeah right, no worries, mate!”

Luckily Max can stay on top of things, not necessary only because of his height of almost 2 metres. Our "gentle giant“ listens carefully and turns our ambiguous ideas into precise CAD drawings, as he’s responsible for the construction of our mixing system.

He can determine if an idea is doable or not. And if it’s unfeasible, he finds a way to make it possible in a different way. When everyone is happy with the result he also does the static calculations, leading the way to a finished and safe product.

Max studied mechanical engineering in Dresden and is one of our earliest employees, starting in march 2019. And we’re happy he’s bringing his skills and positive vibes to work everyday!