Embracing Change, Radiating Sunshine

The Startup environment is marked by change and isn’t always comfortable for employees: Fast paced decision making, overthrowing of plans, and constantly alternating routines are the everyday business.

For some it would be too much to handle, for others it is the recipe to strive. Our Manu is one of the latter. She is no stranger to change; in fact, she embraces it as the very essence of a thrilling existence.

In the tapestry of our team, Manu stands out as a classic rebel with an insatiable thirst for life's infinite experiences. A trailblazer from the early days, she was among the first to leave her hometown of Cottbus after the fall of the DDR wall, setting the stage for a life marked by the courage to break barriers. Just one of many examples: In the tumultuous 90s, she took on the role of a locksmith, breaking not only the gender norms of that time but also forging a path as the sole female in her department. This early experience set the tone for Manu's approach to challenges — where others saw obstacles, she saw opportunities to defy expectations.

But locksmith was only the beginning. Manu's professional journey has been a kaleidoscope of transformations, navigating through three distinct careers. Since November 2022 she’s back in Cottbus and found her stride as the team's assistant at Sonocrete, seamlessly weaving her versatile skills into the fabric of our daily operations. And when she steps into the office each morning, it's as if the sun itself graces our workspace. Her infectious positivity becomes the driving force that propels us through the day.

Manu’s journey of change, courage, and resilience inspires us all to embrace the unknown. We are privileged to have this beacon of positivity, laughter, and boundless kindness as an integral part of the Sonocrete family.