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Last minute changes to a design, unexpected challenges, missing parts, long hours of generating technical drawings …

those are just a few common occurrences when developing a new technology.

Hence, perseverance plays a critical role in the success of an innovative startup.

Ali, a member of our mechanical engineering team, exemplifies the resilience and determination necessary for success in such a demanding environment. His journey is perhaps the most challenging and unconventional of all the team members.

Back in 2016 he had to flee from his home, Syria, literally having to swim (!) from Turkey to Greece, and then stay in a refugee camp until he was allowed to come to Germany. Despite facing numerous obstacles, such as learning a new language and adapting to anew culture, he’s never lost his joyful attitude.

Ali started as a student worker at Sonocrete during his engineering studies and is now a full-time member of our team. We are grateful that his journey brought him to Sonocrete and the resilience he brings to our team.