Sonocrete reduces the reliance on fossil fuels in concrete production and paves the way for an increased application of low-CO2 cements. 1,2
Sonocrete ultrasound technology brings increased compressive strengths and improved workability to concrete production. 1,2

Compressive Strength1,2

Sonocrete ultrasound treatment results in improved compressive strength compared to equivalent heat treated concrete. Durability remains unaffected for sonocrete. The table right shows the compressive strength of concrete after a 14 hour period.  Sonocrete enhances early age compressive strengths of concrete while also achieving superior performance to heat treated concrete after 14 hours.

Improved Slump Flows1,2

The Sonocrete process leads to an increased slump flow at every time stamp. Regardless of the time at which ultrasound is applied, slump flow is increased. Short heat treatments will have no positive influence on slump.

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